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tv   [untitled]    January 25, 2014 11:30am-12:01pm PST

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firefighter water system or awss is at $55 million. the puc is the also here to talk about how the impacts of that change which we don't believe chb significant in the long. police stations which and the first time doing overalls and seismic work on police station stations. prior to that it was funded by the general fund with the exception of southern station which was moved in the 2010 bond and then we have two other major -- well, two other larger facilities. one is the medical examiner moving them out of the hall of justice and moving the motorcycle police and crime lab out of the hall of justice and for the crime lab they're it is also partially at the hunter's point shipyard. if we go to the next slide again these are
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projects that were recommended in the 10 year capital plan and approved by the committee december 9. it's a continuation of the 2010 general obligation bond and again that bond -- you know, the big focus was the public safety building which got them out of the hall of justice and they will be co-located with a new fire station out at mission rock and third. the other components of that bond were neighborhood fire stations at $72 million. the emergency firefighter water system at $102 million, and we should mention that 81% of those proceeds have been expended and we expect we will be further along when the measure reaches the ballot. and then i should also -- we want to be clear the capital plan does look 10 years into the future so we do show a
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2021 bond of $219 million. i mention that just so people are aware and we do expect that amount -- just like this amount back in 2010 will change, but we want to be clear there is a lot of need and we suspect there is an overall program that will come back to you and potentially to the voters. with that i will invite chief hayes white to come up here and say some words. >> good morning president chiu, supervisor farrell, supervisor avalos. i am from the san francisco fire department. a pleasure to be here this morning to discuss this program. i was proud and honored to work with president chiu for the successful passage of the 2010 bond. i can tell you i just passed by 10 year anniversary as fire chief last week and the facilities that we have are vital critical facilities.
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many of them the maintenance has been deferred for years and years so the 2010 bond passage was critical to beginning to address some of the long over due issues that needed some attention. i would like to acknowledge he's with me today and the assistant chief ken lom lardy and worked collaborative with department of public works and represented us at capital planning. we are grateful to be associated and working well with the city departments involved. this program continues to do the good work of upgrading our fire stationings. we have 42 stations including presidio and treasure island and 50 properties and the ems division on evans and our bureau of equipment. both of those facilities have critical supplies and equipment so this addresses day to day issues and
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in the event of a seismic activity. they're 24/7 facilities and important to have facilities our members can count on and get out of the door when they need to. that's the larger piece of it. brian talked about the line item going to $85 million. i think what is telling if you show on slide four this well exceed what is we're asking for in the bond. and this remains the need for the facilities even after the $72 million that was applied in phase one and so we will continue the good work. the next slide i think is very good and that is -- as far as i will get into the presentation but presentation what you see is the green shows the facilities of which six will be addressed completely by phase one
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including station five and 16 and on turk and webster and on [inaudible]. they're rebuilds. the ones that are shades some work has been completed and 22 has been touched but 16 need significant work and in the dark red those need attention and they're all located throughout various parts of the city so what this program will do if continued to fund the upgrades to our fire houses and make sure that we are able to respond in a timely manner and the other piece i want want to address is the emergency water supply system which we worked closely and collaborative with the puc to discuss further upgrades and maintenance and attention to the system that we use to fight fires in our city. as we all know that seismic activity is relevant here in the city and the state of california and
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it's not necessarily that activity that does the destruction but the fires that follow earthquake. we want to make sure the stations are upgraded and have the adequate tools in the tool box and the water system is of a significant value to us on a day-to-day basis and in a large scale disaster. we appreciate your consideration of this bond and this has made significant proves to our stations and water system. this work needs to continue and 2021 is seven years from now and we will still have great need in what goes on in those years with the deteriorating facilities and most built prior to the 50's and maybe we will take questions at the end. i believe chief suhr
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has arrived and he's up next and the project manager will walk you through the rest of the presentation. >> thank you chief. welcome chief suhr. >> good morning supervisor farrell, other members of committee. i apologize for being late. it's been a hectic morning. i appreciate the chance to speak to you. the bond that we're talking about is we believe is the responsible next step in the public safety infrastructure in addition to what chief hayes white has spoken b it will fund critical upgrades and improvements to facilities that currently don't meet the needs of effective police operations. we have a moment in time here where we can upgrade some facilities that have been around getting to be a hundred years and they don't meet the needs of the 21st century where we should be here in san francisco. some of the
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-- all of the facilities housed within the hall of justice and separately at the crime lab to put these into places that can facilitate the way we need to be. traffic command -- we just had a hearing and the importance of traffic safety and it's out of the hall of justice and the crime lab -- this evening we're doing preparation on dna backlog, the want for dna and other critically technological way sound ways to build cases the capacity just grows and grows and we have out grown where we are. let me talk about the district stations as well. as i said some of them are a hundred years old. renovations -- i don't think any have happened in the last 20 years. that's where everyone gets deployed in the case of an emergency and in fact as we
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move to the new campus if the phones went down at the hall of justice they would go down at the district stations in the event of a large earthquake so would really request with my partner in public safety and the people at dpw doing the work i think it's the right thing to do. it's the right time to do it to pass this second bond. >> thank you chief. >> good morning supervisors. i'm with the department of public works project manager. both chiefs i think have done a good job of describing the benefits of the components of the bond program. i would like to briefly touch on some of the more salient or technical aspects of these projects so if we could go to the next slide. thank you katelyn. we have through this program been able to address 23 of the 42 facilities that the fire station
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-- fire department operates from. we expect in the next bond measure 2014 to touch the balance of facilities and the manner by which we touch them so to speak is through precise altered alterations essential to maintain the structures and viability of them and we do more comprehensive work at stations that are more bereft, more in need of remediation and in some cases we can't functionally support the facility through focus or comprehensive rehabilitation we replace, and we have two stations in 2010 we're replacing and five and cal hallow and 16. going forward under 2014 we would apply the same methodology working closely and collaborative with the fire department to determine the highest priority projects among
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the balance of stations. you will see from the graphic the solid red color are those fire houses that have not yet been touched that we would expect to touch almost all if not all of these facilities in one of those three categories that i have described to you. moving on then to the next component of the bond project that's police stations. we would follow on the successes we had working with the fire department how we established priorities of particular projects at particular sites so with the $30 million dedicated to fire facilities we would again aggregate a group according to particular types of interventions. next slide please. we have performed a comprehensive facilities assessment for the project to give incite how this might logically fall into one of the
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three categories in. nomenclature of the study it's shown like this also and replace is replace and comprehensive is comprehensive as fire did. we expect that the sum is smaller at $30 million than fire is receiving we could touch all of the stations and address them for their highest priority needs to again sustain or maintain the integrity of the specific places critical for the deployment of personnel and equipment. next slide. next component is medical examiner facility. as well it pertains to forensic services because they're both residing in whole or in part in the hall of justice which has been described to you as a facility not expected to survive for reuse, for return to normal operation after a major earthquake. it's a 50's era
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building and as you can imagine especially with science centric facilities something designed at that time is not consistent with modern science and technology and to that end we are catapulting to the 20th century for the facilities for medical examiner and forensic services. in regard to medical examiner facility we have secured a facility in indian basin. they're going to alter the facility there to yield us more area. i believe at the hall they occupy about 18,000 square feet. we're going to provide them just shy of 50,000 at one newhall and we are catapulting from mid50's era to a 20th century. the dna which the
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chief mentioned didn't exist as a science in 1955. it's predominant today and much of the facility is dedicated to dna and similar science and making sure we're able to provide the proper consideration of evidence for the purposes of exoneration or conviction as the evidence might suggest or recommend so it's a critical purpose to address and this facility will yield the venue for that service to r occur. we have spent monies toward developing the facility to a level of certainty that the number we recommend to you at $65 million we feel is confident to yield the project to completion. next slide please. this is an artist's image of the facility. it's speculative at this junchture but we plan to make it a proper
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civic place and frankly a venue for those that come to this building for what is not only unpleasant reasons to have a empathetic supportive environment and unfortunately doesn't exist now. the motorcycle police and the crime lab and we have a option to purchase the facility on evans and the site of the old perreeshian bakery. we can't reconfigure the structure and it's not possible for the purpose we're building. this again is a project we have been developing for some time candidly and we have great certainty that this number that we advance for both the crime lab and the motorcycle unit suffices to the completion of the project. next please. this is again an artist rendering of
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the project. again early conception. it probably will look very different than the final one. next slement and for this component there are two individuals present who can offer greater detail should you wish it. todd todd bridestrom and david mirierson from the sfpuc but as noted the number has been adjusted. improvements are among this category of work and above ground facilities and below ground pipelines and this other category and this adds to this amount. in regard to the entire system they have as mentioned the above ground facilities, the pipe [inaudible]. these are the array of projects we expect to expect with 2014. the puc through a studied examination
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of the system, a study which yielded quite a bit ofin sight and not previously understood or available to us that we have the opportunity to leverage the domestic system in part to complement and augment the water for fire suppression and we call that the codable co-benefits and get more water for the dollar so to speak and again i will defer to puc to explain that further if you wish. next slide. what are the critical components of the system? certainly the pipe network. it constitutes the largest share of the work present in the rehabilitation of the system. these are some scenarios for replacement strategy over a period of 30 years and at the replacement of .67 and called out as the probable scenario that is
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actionable and cost for replacement at $294 million and that is expressed in $2,013. next slide please. this last slide is probably the most tangible and relevant to many folks and the system throughout the city. you will notice according to the legend and the original system and the subsequent improvements expected which are both versions and beyond and you can see that we are in a sense providing robust high pressure water and ancillary system throughout the city to that end i believe it's to the reason the system exists and why we rely on the fire department. that's it in sum total. you have the action
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before you and we're available for questions. thank you. >> thank you. colleagues any questions or comments at this time? okay. seeing none mr. rose could we go to your budget analyst report please. >> yes mr. chairman and members of the committee, president chiu on page eight of the report we report that the proposed 2014 bond does not specify which fire stations, police stations or the awss projects would be renovated or the scope or specific work completed for each station or project or the staff would work with staff and p u.d c staff to prioritize the needs of each project and as you know all issue ans of the bond proceased are subject to the board of supervisors appropriation approval so you would have all of that information at that
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time. on page nine of our report we state that the $165 million cost for the police department traffic and forensic facilities and the cost for the medical examiner facility do not include the costs for most of the furniture or fixtures or equipment and can't be paid with the geo bond issue and the costs are estimated here and $10.7 million for the medical examiner's familiarity. these costs. >> >> are included in the five year financial plan and likely need to be funded with general fund monies subject to future appropriation approval by the board of supervisors. regarding the bonds will result in estimated total debt service payments of of the amount listed and principal of $400 million
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and interest $2,288,000,000. and that's based on an assumption of 6% interest rate. on page 14 of our report we report that the owner of a single family residence with assessed value of $500,000 assuming the homeowners exemption and would pay additional taxes of $48 a year to cover the general obligation bonds. however, as you know it is the city's policy to retire -- existing bonds will be retired so it's the city policy there is no net increase in the bond issue to the taxpayers. at the bottom of page 10 of the report we state as noted in the plan a third general obligation bond and this has been
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testified to by the departments is anticipated to be submitted to the san francisco voters for approximately $290 million in 2021 to address police, fire and hall of justice and other city needs. however it indicates that the voter pamphlet did not report to the voters there are additional bond measures to improve san francisco public safety's facilities. while the city tenure capital plan did disclose such information for full disclose and you are transparency purposes if the bond is given to the voters we believe they should be apprized of the previous bonds and likelihood of subsequent bonds. our first recommendation is that you approve the ordinance and the resolution. this is totally consistent with prior policy of the board of supervisors regarding the capital plan.
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regarding our second recommendation supervisors on page 11 mr. gibner advices if the committee wishes to advise such a recommendation it would be preferable to amend the ordinance rather than requesting the ballot committee with respect to providing voter information on prior and anticipated future bond measures. we are happy to respond to any questions. >> okay. thank you mr. rose. colleagues any questions at this point and time? mr. strong comments on recommendation number two if it's not part of the ballot [inaudible] but part of the ordinance itself. that's a comment right now from the city attorney. mr. city attorney if you could explain that in detail.
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>> city attorney john gibner and they upon recommended that the board amended the resolution to request that the committee include information about past bonds and potential future bonds anticipated by the capital plan. that kind of request would be inconsistent with the past practices of this board and unprecedented in my memory in terms of the board making request what should go into the ballot simplification ballot digest but the budget analyst's concern is that information should appear somewhere in the voter information pamphlet so to accomplish that goal the board could amend the ordinance by adding additional finding kate it was adopted in the past and the plan anticipate it in the future. >> >> if the future chose to make
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that amendment today then you would have to continue the item for one week and consider it again at the next meeting because any amendment to the ordinance requires a continuance. >> okay. i guess i have two questions mr. strong. one in terms of the content of this and number two with timing with the june ballot. >> right, right. yeah, this is something that we thought about before and i think i communicated it an email we believe it's more appropriate for the board to place it in the ordinance than a recommendation to the ballot committee which is a completely separate process. i do -- so i don't know that i have a strong position on this one and one way or another and i am worried if could create confusion and be misleading. i realize the budget analyst put
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it in without specifying an amount and general but the capital plan talks about having a future bond for this so again i'm not sure it will answer questions. i am worried it could create confusion. i believe there are other policies that we also don't have -- we talk for instance the tax policy of only issuing new bonds as old ones are retired. i would recommend if we do that we insert that language as well so it covers both. so that's my response to the first question. >> so let me dig on that a little bit. >> sure. >> because that was my concern as well and i don't mind more information. i think it's a great thing for the voters. as far as bonds go things could change and i am skeptical talking about it being in the future. i understand the concept but my potential
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objection about it, where i might be scared about it there are a number of things to paint the complete picture here and one is the pack that we have with the residents of san francisco and only when old bonds roll off and not raise the taxes and consistent with our planning committee and you're saying that statement is not in there today? >> i don't believe a statement like that is in the ordinance looking at the city attorney. there are times when the committee has put that in to their legislative digest but it's not always consistent, and you know and often i know that involves various discussions. >> okay. let me get to your timing question real quick. let me say to the members of the committee i don't mind having the language but i think it's important whether official finding of the tax policy of the capital planning committee. mr.
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rose. >> mr. chairman, i totally agree with that. in fact i think we should have put that in our recommendation and i agree with your statement. >> okay. sorry we have other questions but in terms of timing. we have a one week to amend and it's not a late entry. >> that's correct. i believe so. >> okay. a few questions. supervisor mar. >> yeah, just wanted to add i am support of the budget analyst, mr. rose's recommendation, full transparency. i don't think it's confusing that we had a 2010 bond and that we may go forward in the future as well. i don't think that is confusing to voters and i think if it's not going to be a harm kind of having this added is important for transparency and public accountability. >> president chiu. >> so first of all i want to thank mr. rose and your team for
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the analysis and recommendation and when we're talking about these long-term requirements when we go out for parks bonds, or library bonlds or roads bonds and we don't necessarily indicate we're coming back years later and it's understood and because we didn't do it before i think it's fine to do it in the ordinance but strikes me odd to highlight that with the ballot simplification committee. >>i think that came well with mr. rose's comments as well. let's move on to public comment and on items one and two. anyone wish to comment on these items? no customers. okay. public comment is closed. so
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i'm sorry was there public comment? >> [inaudible] >> please come on up. >> good morning chairman and members of the committee. i am rachel richmond, the policy director of professional engineers local 21 and this is kim carter who represents the people who work at the crime lab. we are in very, very strong support of this bond, particularly the portion that will build a new crime lab. most people think of the crime lab -- they think of the tv show csi but our crime lab doesn't look remotely like that. our members who work at the crime lab have been working in intolerable conditions for a decade waitingr


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